Our Philosophy of Care

We treat the body as a holistic system. If you have a painful part, it is likely the result of poor mechanics somewhere in the body. Besides treating the injured area, we problem solve with you, the patient, to figure out why this injury occurred, and work with you to develop strategies to prevent it from happening again. With every patient, we evaluate the strength of the body’s “core,” and how well it is working to stabilize you from inside out. The “core” is not simply abdominal strength. It is a complex mechanical system, consisting of multiple tissues that function together to maintain balance and symmetry in our bodies. If something is out of balance in the core, mechanical problems develop somewhere in the body. Our job is to restore the body’s symmetry and then help you maintain it.

What do we treat?

We can treat any area of the body that is associated with painful movement.  We also see patients after surgeries to get them moving again. Common diagnoses include: