Quality, one-on-one therapy with experienced manual therapists.

 At Northfield Physical Therapy, you will be treated as a person, not a diagnosis or ID number. We will take time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions and treat your condition thoroughly.  Patient education is a cornerstone of our treatment philosophy. We want you to understand why the exercises and suggestions are important to your getting better. You will be an active participant in your care. Consistency and continuity are important in providing quality care.  Every treatment will be direct, one on one time with your therapist. Achieving optimal health often re-quires a team approach. We will work with your physician, chiropractor or other health care practitioner to achieve your goals. 

Services We Provide

Traditional Rehabilitation...For people with painful movement

 Your  condition will be evaluated specifically, while keeping in mind the effect it has on the body as a whole.   After we find your impairments, we will help you get back to your previous activities without pain.

 Prevention/Wellness Program…For people who may not have pain

 We perform regular preventative  maintenance on the  mechanical devices we own to make sure they are aligned and working optimally. Shouldn’t we do the same for our bodies? Steps can be taken early on to treat body asymmetries and prevent more  serious problems.

Treatments Provided

Get your body into balance…Painful movement indicates that something in your body is out of balance.  Let us help you restore that balance.